Everything You Should Know About HVAC Systems

Are you feeling undecided about managing your home’s heating and cooling needs? You’re certainly not the only one. In fact, approximately 20% of Americans found themselves in need of repairing or replacing their HVAC systems within the past year.

But if you’re unsure about where to start, our team at Ingram Mechanical in Oklahoma City has you covered. Before committing to a large heating and cooling investment, we’re here to guide you through the essential information to ensure you make the best choice for both you and your home.

What is HVAC?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, commonly known as HVAC, are crucial for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and air quality in your home. These systems include various products such as furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, as well as ductwork and thermostats.

Common HVAC Systems

While understanding HVAC might initially seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming for homeowners. By gaining a bit of insight into how the most common systems function, you’ll find that the concept of HVAC and its technical components become clearer.

Heat Pumps

For homeowners in moderate climate regions, a heat pump is an energy-efficient appliance worth considering. This system utilizes outdoor air to both warm a home during winter and cool it throughout summer. Essentially, a heat pump operates by transferring heat from one location to another, extracting warmth from your home when you desire cooler temperatures and delivering heat into your home when warmth is needed.


While it’s widely understood that furnaces are responsible for heating homes, the mechanics behind them are often unfamiliar to many. All furnaces comprise four primary components that are a burner, a heat exchanger, a blower, and a flue which work together to provide heat.

Air Conditioners

An air conditioner effectively removes heat energy from indoors and releases it into the outdoor environment. The typical setup found in residential properties is a split system, consisting of an evaporative heat exchanger located inside the home and a condensing unit heat exchanger positioned outside.

Ductless Systems

A ductless system, also known as a mini-split, is a heating and cooling solution made to supply warm or cool air to individual rooms or multiple spaces without relying on traditional ductwork. Mini-split systems prove ideal for various settings such as room additions, sunrooms, garages, or any areas within the home requiring specific temperature adjustments. Opting for ductless systems offers a convenient way to regulate the temperature of a single room without the complexities of installing ductwork.


A thermostat is a control mechanism for managing indoor temperatures. Thermostats typically run on traditional or connected controls. Connected controls, also known as smart thermostats, have the capability to integrate with other smart home systems and adapt over time to optimize heating and cooling efficiency. On the other hand, traditional thermostats are simpler in design, although many still offer programmable features.

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